Art Center

History of the House

The House, in which the «Art-Center» is situated now, was built in the early XX century. At that time the house was designated for military music band rehearsals and non-combatant learning sessions. After the Revolution it was the club for officers and soldiers, and later the sport school. In the early 90-s fire destroyed all of the roof and wooden structures of the house. In 2009, in order to preserve the architectural masterpiece from further destruction, the «SAMARA-CENTER» company had the interior of the house cleaned out from bushes and garbage, and had the temporary roof installed to protect the building from rain- and snowfalls, and to preserve the brickwork and decorative features.

The same year the «Art-Center» was opened in this house.

The «SAMARA-CENTER» company manages the «Art-Center».

The center of contemporary art

Today the «Art-Center» is the new place for developing contemporary art and culture in Samara.

Starting from 2009 the «Art-Center» has become the place of regular art exhibitions, workshops, movie shows and parties. The «Art-Center» is the universal space, where artists and managers from all over the globe can carry out their projects. The «Art-Center» is in active collaboration with galleries and cultural institutions from Samara, St.Petersburg and Moscow.

Projects accomplished:

- «Model for Assembling» , 2009

- «Norm», 2009

- «Disorientation» , April 2010

- FREEZLIGHT, «Taming the Light», May 2010

- «Gold for the People», June 2010

- «Architectural Workshop» , July 2010

- «The Young Design», September 2010

- «Petersburg Troops» , September 2010

- personal exhibition of Henrich Weingarten, September 2010

- video-art «Something about the Power», October 2010

- art-show «Time and Place», April 2011

- 5-year anniversary of the «Glyanets» («ГLянец») magazine, June 2011

- exhibition «Storm waves», June 2011

- photo-exhibition «World Press Photo» , July 2011

- exhibition «The Clash of Discourses» as part of VII Biennale in Shiryaevo, August 2011

- exhibition «Samara Troops» («Erarta» museum, St.Petersburg), August-September 2011

- fair «Арт-Sale'Ы» , September 2011

- exhibition «New Hermitage», September-October 2011

- exhibition «Self-portrait+» (as part of exhibition «Art-Perm`»), January 2012

- exhibition «Invisibles» , April 2012

- art-fair «Арт-Sale'Ы» , May 2012

- exhibition «Subjects», May 2012

- festival of books «Samarskaya Chita», June 2012

- an annual festival of design «Formogramma», September 2012

- art-fair «Арт-Sale'Ы» , September 2012

- exhibition «Self-portrait+» (Museum-Reserve of Pskov, Pskov), September 2012

- exhibition «Profession faces», September 2012

- fashion Festival «Vasiliev's Seasons of Volga Region», October 2012

- exhibition «SINE CURA», April-may 2013

- fashion festival «Sunday Up Market», may 2013

- exhibitions «Self-portrait+» и «Identification», June 2013

- personal exhibition of Andrey Kezzin, June 2013

- exhibition «Наивно. Super», July 2013

- exhibition «Screen/Scape» as part of VII Biennale in Shiryaevo, August 2013

- exhibition «3.09.04. Beslan (no comments)», September 2013

- exhibition «Without painting. DIGITAL ART», October 2013

443013, Russia, Samara, 90 Michurina street, letter «Ы» (crossroad with Chelyuskintsev street)

Tel.: 8 (846) 205-66-90, +7 927 906 73 69