LLC «SAMARA-CENTER» is implementing a project of complex development of the large territory in the center of Samara. The «SAMARA-CENTER» company is a developer company, seeking to do its business efficiently and responsibly.

While implementing the project the company sets certain goals and objectives for itself:

- practicing modern town-planning solutions using best international and domestic experience;

- making up a new city center of social and business activity and creativity areas;

- setting new standards of comfortable living for city residents;

- providing high quality construction by using «green» technologies;

- building socially important objects.

The «SAMARA-CENTER» company is socially responsible, and considers this tendency as one of the greatest priorities of its activity.

Among the LLC «SAMARA-CENTER’s» partners are such big Russian and international companies as JLL, «Knight Frank», «NBBJ», «BDP», «AECOM», «WSP», Workshop of Architecture and Planning «Rekon», «J.С. Williams Group», «Irbis» , «Octogon» , etc. Besides, the company tries to involve in the project not only famous experts, but also young creative people of Samara. For instance, the students of Samara State University of Construction and Architecture took part in developing the project of the recreation zone.

The company appreciates and respects the efforts of its employees. Professionalism of employees is the company’s key asset.

Legal information:

LLC «SAMARA-CENTER» was founded in 2009 in the course of restructuring of CJSC «Samara Bearing Plant-4». Today the only member of LLC «SAMARA-CENTER» is the closed unit trust of extra-venture investments «Heritage – Strategic Investments». The Fund purchased CJSC «Samara Bearing Plant-4» from its former possessor in order to develop the «SAMARA-CENTER» project and attract specialized investors to it. The Fund is managed by LLC «MAXIMUM». The piece of land designated for the project is possessed by LLC «SAMARA-CENTER» as freehold.