«SAMARA-CENTER» is a project of the new urban center of social and business activity that will be deployed in Oktyabrsky district of Samara, enclosed between Michurina street, Lunacharskogo street and Moskovskoye highway. According to the project, by 2021 the territory of «SAMARA-CENTER», total area 40ha, will be transformed into a section that will include:

- residential quarter, total area around 500 000 sq.m.;

- shopping & entertainment center, total area around 124 000 sq.m. (GLA: 86 000 sq. m);

- 3-4*-rate hotel, accommodation capacity: 200 rooms;

- office & business zone and social zone;

- school for 800 pupils;

- kindergarten for 350 kids;

- pediatric clinic;

- «Multifunctional Public Center for Providing State (Municipal) Services» (MFC);

- recreational green zone, total area around 4,5 ha;

- around 6000 parking spaces in underground, aboveground and structured parking lots.

In 2007 a marketing concept of territory development was elaborated in cooperation with «Jones Lang LaSalle» company. The London office of «NBBJ» international architecture company was engaged in creating the master-plan of the territory.

The «SAMARA-CENTER» project was presented at the «ЕXPO REAL» international exhibition (Munich, Germany) in 2007 and 2008.

The «SAMARA-CENTER» section is going to be erected on site of the former «State Bearing Plant-4». In 2007 the decision was made to relocate the production facilities to the industrial part of the city in order to clear the land and further reclaim and develop it. After that the purpose of this piece of land was changed. In compliance with the acting General Plan of Samara, the area enclosed between Michurina street, Lunacharskogo street and Moskovskoye highway is designated for residential buildings, administrative and business buildings, large shopping centers, residential blocks with complex multifunctional zones and necessary traffic and utility infrastructure to be constructed on their basis.

In September 2009 the project of «SAMARA-CENTER» layout plan was put for public hearings and was approved by Samara Administration.

The «SAMARA-CENTER» company is preparing the area for construction activities. Starting from 2009 a modern exhibition floor «Art-Center» has been functioning on the territory of the prospective section. In 2011 the city «Multifunctional Public Center for Providing State (Municipal) Services» (MFC) is planned to be launched.

In March 2011 the «SAMARA-CENTER» company concluded a contract with the leading international companies – the British architectural bureau «Building Design Partnership» (BDP), the global construction consultant «Davis Langdon», which is part of the world famous structure of AECOM corporation, and the British engineering group «WSP».